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HALDICO - the richest coffee in the world!

Colombian Arabica is considered the best coffee in the world due to its rich and well-balanced taste, which was facilitated by favorable climatic conditions of growth at the dizzying heights of Colombia. Arabica is represented in Colombia mainly by coffee varieties: Tipika, Bourbon, Maragogipe, Tabi, Katurra and Varidad Castillo and others, and in the HALDICO assortment you have the opportunity to try coffee of this whole spectrum. HALDICO initially sorts coffee beans, highlighting high-quality beans without damage and mutations. Back in 1977, a laboratory was established to study Arabica coffee varieties grown in various climatic regions of Colombia. The famous manufacturer of natural varieties of coffee "HALDICO", introduced to friends under the brand name "HALDI.CO COFFEE or TEA", comes from this poorly equipped handicraft laboratory, which has already become legendary due to the constant preservation of high quality. standards. The technologies developed by HALDICO for growing coffee by crossing and natural pollination of arabica trees have passed a high degree of testing in leading laboratories in the USA and the European Union and have received the highest degree of product quality control. HALDICO coffee undergoes a complex and multi-stage processing both wet and dry, and then undergoes the drying process in a natural way. Thanks to the developed technology of three-stage grinding, HALDICO coffee compares favorably with its taste qualities, conveying a whole bouquet of aromas, including coffee beans carefully grown in various climatic zones of Colombia. Since 1998, HALDICO has been transformed into a joint stock company already engaged in the retail sale of coffee produced using HALDICO's patented technology. Unable to independently grow on an industrial scale the entire assortment of coffee developed in previous decades, HALDICO specialists developed a unique and innovative business model. HALDICO began direct contracts with farmers in five regions of Colombia. In accordance with these agreements, the peasants undertook to grow coffee in their areas exclusively using HALDICO technology with guaranteed redemption of all crops at a fixed price. Such a system of interaction with farmers in the future turned out to be extremely useful, since HALDICO managed to enter the world coffee market with its products as soon as possible, and farmers from all regions of Colombia received stable demand for their highest quality products at a pre-agreed price. price. It was the success of this working method that prompted the Colombian government, as part of its anti-drug strategy, to place an order with HALDICO to develop new varieties of coffee that can be grown commercially in non-coffee regions of Colombia. namely in the regions of Lianos and Amazonia. Thanks to this order, a magnificent HALDICO coffee line from these regions was born. Scattered throughout Colombia, licensed HALDICO farms and under full technical quality control and technological control grow excellent Colombian arabica varieties of the SUPREMO and EXCELSO class from HALDI.CO COFFEE or TEA. YOU CAN MAKE YOUR CHOICE OF COFFEE OR TEA ONLY WITH HALDICO!