Haldi.co Coffee or Tea is not just high-quality Colombian coffee or tea. This is a well-designed brand, designed for a wide audience of coffee gourmets, which includes an original concept, value system, well-structured sales scheme, as well as a set of measures to promote and maintain customer loyalty.

“HoReCa” - In response to the growing demand for our products in coffee houses and restaurants, we have developed special offers for you and strive to develop a culture of consumption of quality Colombian coffee. Especially for the needs of HoReCa, we have developed a flexible proposal system that meets the needs of our partners!

“Dillering” - With extensive experience working with retail chains around the world, we have created the opportunity for everyone to become a Haldi.co dealer. You can become a dealer of our company in your region to organize the process of selling our products in the retail chains of your region on an exclusive basis.

“Haldi.co Club” - responding to requests from company employees, it offers a wide range of services for corporate clients. Among them, expert advice on choosing coffee or tea. Flexible payment system and special offers for your company.

For more information and a commercial offer designed specifically for you, contact our manager. Distribution conditions may vary depending on your country or region.