Welcome to Haldi.co Coffee or Tea

At Haldico, we invite you to embark on a journey of unparalleled coffee excellence. Our brand, founded in 1977, is the hallmark of Colombian coffee ingenuity. We've meticulously cultivated 20 unique coffee varieties, naturally, without genetic modification, or artificial additives, ensuring that each cup is a testament to the purest coffee artistry.


Supremo & Excelso Coffee Classes

Dive into the world of Supremo and Excelso, two distinct coffee classes known for their exceptional quality. Our Supremo beans are renowned for their screen size of 17, while Excelso boasts a delightful combination of 15-14 screen sizes.


The Coffee Experience Awaits

Embrace the allure of Haldico's coffee selections through our exclusive offerings. Whether you prefer ground coffee, whole coffee beans, or the convenience of coffee capsules, our products preserve the full bouquet of aromas and flavors you deserve.


Discover the Essence of Colombia's Regions

Explore the diverse flavors of Colombia as you journey through five unique regions. From the majestic Andean Highlands to the pristine shores of the Caribbean and Pacific Lowlands, we've captured the essence of each locale in every coffee bean.

$ 8,76


160 grams

Embark on a Journey of Exceptional Richness 

Immerse yourself in the exceptional richness of Haldico Arauca coffee, elevating your coffee experience to new heights. Our unwavering commitment to innovation and quality ensures that every cup of Arauca coffee is a journey through the aromatic landscapes of Colombia. It's an exploration of the true essence of "the richest coffee in the world."

$ 17,40


160 grams

HUILA: Where Nature Meets Your Cup

HUILA coffee is an ode to the greatness of nature, a celebration of the power and beauty of Nevado del Huila. HALDICO invites you to indulge in this extraordinary coffee, where every cup becomes an unforgettable journey through the taste and majesty of Colombian volcanic perfection. Savor the essence of HUILA, where each sip is a celebration of the extraordinary.

$ 10,44


160 grams

CHOCO: Nature's Symphony in Your Cup:

CHOCO coffee invites you to experience the symphony of nature in every cup. Let each sip take you on a journey through the lush landscapes of Chocó, where the Atlantic and Pacific winds converge to create a truly extraordinary coffee. HALDICO welcomes you to savor this remarkable blend, an exquisite ode to the tropical richness of Colombia.

Welcome to InnoCafe Haldico – Where Coffee Meets Innovation

At InnoCafe Haldico, we've brewed something truly extraordinary, where the art of coffee meets the cutting edge of innovation. Our space is designed to be more than just a coffee shop; it's a hub of creativity, a hotbed of innovation, and a gathering place for tech enthusiasts, startup visionaries, and creative minds.


Fuel your ideas with premium Colombian coffee
Our commitment to offering the best Colombian coffee remains unwavering. We proudly offer the full range of premium Haldico coffees, from the rich varieties of the Andean, Costa Caribe and Costa Pacifico regions to the spectrum of exquisite flavors of the Amazon and Lianos regions. Savor the cup of excellence as you embark on your journey of innovation.


Franchise Opportunities with Haldi.co Coffee or Tea
Discover the Taste of Success
Franchising with Haldi.co Coffee or Tea is your gateway to becoming part of a thriving coffee culture that spans the globe. We offer an exciting opportunity to join the ranks of coffee enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who have embraced the Colombian coffee experience.


Discover the Haldico Difference

Explore the vibrant world of Haldi.co Coffee or Tea and learn what sets us apart. From our rich Colombian coffee culture to a diverse range of flavors and opportunities for entrepreneurs, there's a lot to discover. Click below to delve into our story and find out what makes Haldico the perfect choice for coffee enthusiasts and aspiring cafe owners.

For Corporate Clients


Elevate Your Business with Haldi.co Coffee or Tea

At Haldi.co Coffee or Tea, we believe that the essence of exceptional coffee should extend beyond the cups of our beloved customers. It should become an integral part of the businesses that value quality, excellence, and the pursuit of a remarkable coffee culture. Our dedication to crafting the finest Colombian coffee and tea offerings led us to develop a range of tailored services for corporate clients.

Unveil the World of Extraordinary Colombian Coffee

Haldico coffee or tea is not limited to the home. Visit our coffee shops, we are waiting for you who are looking for a cozy coffee paradise in Colombian style.